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  • Slow performance of operating system

  • Virus, malware and adware removal

  • Data recovery of accidentally deleted files

  • Unable to open important software program

  • Computer lagging or unresponsive

  • Re-installations of operating system

  • PC unable to startup

  • Remove irritating pop-ups ads

  • Configure firewall & antivirus

  • Configure broadband routers

  • PC reformatting & Windows re-installations

  • Mac OS setup and troubleshooting

  • Re-install printer or webcam drivers

  • Reliable and expert IT support

  • General health check & performance tune up

  • Unable to connect to Internet

  • Data backup to an external disk drive or to the cloud

  • Defragmentation of hard drive

  • USB and Network Printer issues

  • Familiar with branded laptop / PC or like Acer, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, HP or even DIY PC

  • Hardware parts replacement like motherboard, power supply

  • Installation of additional RAM/memory & graphic cards

  • Diagnose motherboard and CPU

  • IT consultations & more

It is irritating it is when you have computer problems that you cant fix. Disassembling everything, packing it up, driving it across town… thats a pain. Then you have to wait a week or two and get your equipment back in worse condition than it was when you left the house… We realize this is absolutely ridiculous.

PowerOn-Computers provides on-site and off-site Tech Support for PCs, Laptops and Networks for residential and commercial clients in the Dallas-FT. Worth Area. There is no job that is too big or too small for us. All of our work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

In addition to the services above, we provide weekly and monthly tune-ups for routine computer services including virus support, diagnostics repair, backing up your system, cleaning dust and more.

PowerOn-Computer guarantees professional, top-quality service, on-site or off-site. We have 19 year’s experience in Computer Repair/Support and we are fast, professional, and affordable. Our Techs are extremely friendly, honest and reliable. Customer Satisfaction is our Number One Priority.

Call PowerOn-Computers at (469)563-5809 Today!!

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Laptop/Desktop Repair

We know that when your computer, PC or laptop breaks you need a quick and easy computer repair, and you need a repair service that is fast, convenient and reliable. You use your computer for work, home, email, browsing, chatting, and for much more. When you need a computer repair service, you need it done quickly and properly. You need PowerOn-Computers!!

Software Support/Upgrades

Software updates are released to address security issues when they occur, address minor bugs discovered in the software, improve the operation of hardware or peripherals, and add support for new models of equipment. These small, incremental updates improve the operation of  your software. That's why you need JJay's Technology Service!

Mac Repairs

Fixing cracked screens and screen replacement

  • General repairs

  • Display issues

  • Software issues

  • Speaker replacement/audio issues

  • Power/charging/battery issues

  • Camera replacement

  • Receiver/microphone replacement

  • Vibe motor replacement

  • Battery replacement

  • Operating system upgrades

  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting

Virus/Malware Removal

Has your computer slowed way down? Are you seeing unwanted ads and pop-up windows? Your device may be infected with viruses or spyware. Our Tech's at PowerOn-Computers have the tools and expertise to get things running clean again.

Network/Internet Security

Network security services are designed to protect internal company infrastructures and connected devices from undesired access, mishandling, and attacks. PowerOn-Computers offer a comprehensive assessment of network architecture and evaluate the security of internet and intranet connections.

Remote Support

Forget costly site visits by solving your IT challenges remotely, with our  most secure and powerful support platform.

PowerOn-Computers provide the best remote support that is compatible with almost any device and operating system.

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