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MAC Repairs

Dallas Ft.Worth’s Best Mac Repairs Service

Affordable & Fast Apple Mac Repairs in Dallas-Ft.Worth Texas

We are experts when it comes to dealing with Mac repairs in Brisbane, when you are having problems with Apple Mac Devices, no matter the device model or year of manufacture, we’ll fix it. When your Mac isn’t behaving properly, give us a call (469)563-5809 and arrange to bring it into our  Workshop for prompt and affordable repair service.

We will first assess any problems with your Mac computer, we’ll provide an overall and thorough check for both the hardware and software for any issues.

Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro Retina Battery Issues

We do replace any faulty battery on all Apple Macbook laptops and we also keep stock for super fast turn around times on this repair. If you need to know how to check your battery to verify that it is OK, or the Macbook battery needs to be replaced (or serviced) then follow this tutorial on how to check your macbook battery.
The typical cost of a Battery replacement ranges from

  • A1278 macbook pro @ $149

  • A1286 Macbook pro @ $189

  • A1466 Macbook Air @ $149

  • A1502 macbook Pro @ $280

  • A1398 Macbook Pro @ $280

Apple Mac Hardware and Software Services We Offer

  • More Storage Space

  • upgrade your HDD to an SSD drive

  • The latest OSX

  • RAM upgrades

  • Mac Mini upgrades

  • Apple Mac Data recovery

  • Macbook Pro / Air battery replacement

  • Slim iMac power supply repairs

  •  Mag safe input repairs

  • usb port repairs

  • Mac not turning on

  • Laptop Overheating

  • Mac has no video output

  • Touchpad problems

  • Grey Screen at start up

  • Liquid Spill

  • Mac shutting down randomly

  • Macbook not charging

  • Hard drive problems

  • Mac boots then shuts down in a loop

  • Beep errors fixed

Mac Problems

  • Operating System Not booting and picture of file showing on the screen.

  • Data Recovery from hard drive or MAC.

  • Spinning Beach-ball/Cursor. Rainbow Color .

  • CD/DVD stuck in drive or won’t read disks.

  • Hard drive needing full upgrade.

  • MAC running slow needing Memory Upgrade.

  • Failed Sync between you MAC

  • Liquid Spill/Water Damage.i can check how bad the logic board is damaged

  • clean the fan and inside mac

Here is the short list of Apple device that we offer Apple MAC Repairs & Services on;

  • MacPro

  • Macbook

  • Macbook Pro

  • Macbook Air

Networking your Apple

PowerOn-Computers can come to you to get your Apple talking to the other technology around your home or office. We can set up a network between your Apple devices, your PC, your TV

Upgrading your Apple software

Even Apples can get sick from time-to-time, and when they do, they are difficult to repair without the right training and technical knowledge. PowerOn-Computers can repair, upgrade and update your device’s software to bring it back to full health again.

Repairing your Apple hardware

The most common hardware repair required for your Apple is usually going to be a hard-disk failure of some sort. That’s the bad news. The good news is: if you’re experiencing any kind of hardware failure or hardware problems, our Technicians have the right tools, spare parts and knowledge to get you up and running again – so you can go back to being an awesome MAC owner… right? Some of the common MAC Hardware Repairs that we do;

  • CD-Rom Repairs/replacements

  • Hard Drive Replacements and Upgrades to Solid State Drives

  • Empty the caches 

    Cache files are temporary data used to speed up the process. However, as more time passes, these cache files start to take up a lot of storage on your Mac and instead of speeding things up, they actually slow your Mac down. You can always get rid of these caches by cleaning them up manually or by using software specifically designed to clean up caches. 

    Uninstall applications 

    Getting rid of applications you no longer use is a proven and tested way to speed up your Mac. Make it a habit to uninstall applications you don’t need anymore. 

    Clean up the hard drive 

    This is the easiest way to speed up your Mac. Just go through your hard drive and get rid of everything that is slowing your computer down. Look for caches, logs, apps you don’t need, widgets that only slow down your Mac’s performance, hidden trash, and old files. These are the data that easily fill up all your empty space. You can do this manually or by using a cleanup software. 

    Update your Mac 

    You can either update your operating system (OS) or upgrade your hardware. Upgrading to the latest available version of OS and upgrading your hardware typically solves a bunch of issues on slow speed. 

    Restart your Mac 

    This is probably the quickest solution to speed up a slow Mac. Restarting your Mac closes all running programs and gives you the option to save any files you’re working on. Your Mac will start to boot once you save your files. It should perform better after it’s been restarted. 

    Reset SMC and PRAM 

    There are times when your Mac might start acting strange for no reason. It might sleep or shut down unexpectedly, stop charging properly, or perform slowly. If restarting your computer doesn’t fix these issues, you might need to reset SMC and PRAM. 

    Replace your HDD with SSD
    Adding a solid state drive to your Mac will make it boot faster, perform file operations in the blink of an eye, and keep your Mac performing fast even when you’re multitasking. Take note that you should seriously consider consulting a professional first before adding any hardware upgrades by yourself. 

    Add more RAM 

    Adding RAM increases your memory and is therefore usually a great solution for improving your Mac’s performance. The more RAM your Mac has, the more you can do without affecting your system’s speed. When you’re running low on RAM, your Mac starts using virtual memory. Virtual memory uses the hard drive and the system considerably.  When you increase your RAM, your OS won’t be making calls to virtual memory. 

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